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Hi, I am Desiree and I am a professional dancer, boxer, fitness instructor and a boxing coach. I have always been an ardent fitness enthusiast and I started blogging because of my passion for the same. It has been a part of me since I can remember.

Let me give you a small insight into why I started this blog and why I’m pursuing the career of fitness blogger. It started when I was about 6 years old. I was a high-spirited child. I found activities like playing outdoors and dancing truly fascinating and thus I became an avid dancer. Practicing dancing for hours and the joy and satisfaction that I found while doing so was unparalleled with anything that I’d never experienced. It filled me up with immense joy and exuberance. My interest in dancing eventually led me to cheer leading. The feeling and the chills I experienced on-field was simply exceptional. Every time my feet touched the green grass, it was breath-taking and to a 6-year old kid, it just felt right.

Little did I know that these small activities will define who I am and what I do in the near future. I firmly believe that my participation in these activities has made me who I am today. Intriguing how activities that seem such insignificant turn out to shape our entire lives. I have always followed my heart and that made me take this huge leap from dancing and cheer leading to boxing. The adrenaline boost that I witnessed during boxing was truly exhilarating as it sparked a sense of empowerment. It rendered me an inexplicable satisfaction. In addition to that, boxing also functioned as a great way to relieve stress and increase fitness, stamina and strength.

The older I got, the more I wished to find activities like boxing which led me to the path of health and fitness. Workout regimes fascinated me and thus I started training. With years of personal experience of training and experimenting with different workout routines, I successfully managed to formulate unique workout routines, I successfully managed to formulate unique workout plans that help to lose weight, build a healthy physique or gain immense muscle strength. I want to spread my knowledge and help people with the problem they face when it comes to fitness.

Besides fitness and dancing, I also have a keen fondness for traveling. Going to new places and meeting new people be something I relish. Life becomes boring if you don’t challenge yourself regularly. Traveling has now become a way for me to challenge myself by trying unconventional things. New and distinct adventures are also a way to keep the body and mind in harmony. Along with traveling, I also indulge in social work whenever possible. I believe that the joy of giving is tremendously wholesome. No matter how small the effort may be helping people in need or animals in despair brings an imminent change.

Vision Statement

I wish to create a community for people aspiring to pursue a healthy lifestyle. I wish to be a part of people’s weight loss journey and see them transform. I feel that the effect unhealthy lifestyles has on people’s well-being is paid little or no attention. Thus, I have made it my mission to help people lead a healthy lifestyle. My blogs include dietary recommendations along with the workout regimes. The fact that for better results a strict diet should be maintained be something I absolutely agree with. With a well-structured diet and an extensive workout plan, anybody can be fit. Individuals having insecurities and lack of confidence cannot possibly perform at their full potential. Along with an improved physique working out also helps to maintain the stability of the brain and amplifies its ability to focus.

Mission Statement

The sole aim of this blog is to help common people and suggest unique ways on how to overcome day-to-day challenges and still manage workout and achieve the level of fitness you desire. I tend to stay true to my blogs and I always make it a point to write blogs hastily and structure them as relatable as possible. In this journey towards your fitness, I’ll constantly mention my struggles and how I overcame them. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an absolute beginner or if you have been working out for years my easy to follow routines will help you achieve the fitness level you deserve. Blogging about the thing I feel so immensely passionate about with the freedom of expressing myself in front of this small community of mine has motivated me to do my very best and that’s what I continue to do till this date.

I aim to be the USA”s most recognized health and fitness blogger. I aspire to achieve that with my flexible workout strategies and help my followers get the ideal physique they aspire and make them happy and confident.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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